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rot wrote

I always figured that they feared penises on some level. Male=misogynist, male=penis, penis=misogynist. They can't get past transwomen because they might have a penis and are therefore male and therefore a danger to women.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I try not to get too freudian with it, even if they're obsessed with Freud themselves. I think the real root of it is how many early terfs were explicitly connected to and had roots in the Church and how that essentially bled out into this tripartite view of an edenic time before men, and that's how they're viewing the situation with transwomen as essentially Eve figures come to fuck it all up for poor transmasc/cisfem Adam. Like, I definitely see them trying for that angle a lot, especially with the whole 'transwomens' bodies are literally a rape of femininity' rhetoric, but I feel like it's rooted most deeply in the reactionary forces that shaped early political lesbianism.