Book recommendations?

Submitted by Catsforfun in Queer (edited )

I'm looking for a chill, easy but thought-provoking read on gender. It can be more specific than "gender", but gender/queer feminism is what I want to read about.

Or if you know if non-binary books, I would probably be specifically interested in that.

Thank you!


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LostYonder wrote

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, there is Judith Butler, Gender Trouble. A little more accessible, though controversial, is Michael Warner's The Trouble with Normal. From feminist theory I always liked Jacqui Alexander's Pedagogies of Crossing - a good, easy read, maybe even more 'chill' than most. For some thought-provoking essays try The Feminist Utopia Project, short essays from a diversity of scholars, activists, artists, and others on imagining new possibilities...


yaaqov wrote

Currently making my way through gender trouble and I can say, my mind is being blown every three pages. On the other hand, I can't really digest more than about three pages a day.


zzuum wrote

Not well versed in the subject but Foucault has some works on it. The history of sexuality is the big one I think. Not sure how it ranks on the "chill" scale though


selver wrote

I'm not too well read when it comes to queer theory, but I really liked Against Equality. Morseo about sexuality than gender I guess.