personal pronoun usage examples pronoun.is

Submitted by lookin4 in Queer

Maybe this small but beautiful project named "Pronoun Island" will help someone, sometime in some way. For example it could be a great help as a reminder, to resolve a wrong conclusion or the like.


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GaldraChevaliere wrote

Maybe it could add Swedish 'hen' to the list for a gender-neutral listing? I've been using it while trying to pick up old norse.


lookin4 wrote

As its FLOSS you are encouraged to make a pull request if your familiar with the code or to place your wish in the issues-area. Here you go. Unfortunately both options require you having an account on GitHub.


Dystopia_Drifter wrote

I've always liked zee. In the past a nonbinary friend went by that. She admitted later that due to it being 'foreign' to english/western folks it caused some anxiety at times when she wanted to stay under the radar.

Someday when I'm in a better place (mentally) I'd like to aim for nonbinary pronouns for myself as a preference, I lean masc' so the he/hims don't bother me at the moment in regards to my identity.