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BunnyBop wrote (edited )

Being both trans and fat, I've noticed a similarity in one particular argument that is used by transphobes and fatphobes alike and appears in this very thread. It's the "biology" argument.

"It's not my personal opinion, it's just biology!"

Both use it to justify harassing trans and fat people and to deny them agency over their own bodies and/or identities. It's driven by disgust and, ironically, a complete apathy towards trans people's and fat people's wellbeing.

I've seen plenty enough of fatphobes to know their concern trolling about my health is disingenuous. They use the health argument, not because they want to support my health, but as a way to retroactively justify their disgust towards my body, a disgust that results in negative health outcomes for fat people: depression and anxiety which can lead to more weight gain, health concerns not being taken seriously by doctors, disordered eating.

And do you think fatphobes care about the negative health outcomes that fat-hate perpetuates? Hell no. You just watch. Every response will be some rendition of "b-b-but biology says this is unacceptable!"

Here's the thing, my dude. Health is different to each individual. My health as an able-bodied person is going to be different than the health of a disabled person, for example, and there's nothing wrong with either of those states of being unless the owners of those bodies say so. Biology says excess fat results in certain health outcomes. It doesn't say experiencing these health outcomes. is unacceptable or that not having disease is ideal. That was something society decided. The thing is, you don't have to go along with what society says. You can reject that narrative of fat-hate. You've decided not to.

So before you go spouting off about what biology says again, do me a favor and shove it up your ass.