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BunnyBop wrote

If you lived as a fat person then you'd see the problem is very real. Harassment towards fat people is common. I've been singled out for it in public, I've been told I'm a disgrace to my family and country (lol like I care), and in general have received the message that there is something deeply wrong and broken about me because I'm fat. Do you think receiving those messages is healthy, oh well one?

Cut the crap. The reason you don't like fat people isn't because of some health concern or even because of capitalism. Do we blame anyone else for the negative effect capitalism has on them?


plast wrote (edited )

Of the problems I can currently think of, normalizing disease isnt something i think is way up on my list.


ziq wrote

So you also advocate shunning people with other 'diseases' I guess?


plast wrote

NO. I'd be mad if someone with cancer said "get cancer its actually healthy". And dot put disease in quotation marks because fatness/obesity is an illness not a body type.