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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

As I wrote down-thread, the graph of average longevity relative to BMI is a curve that peaks at BMI 28 (overweight) and drops off at about the same rate in both directions. So someone at BMI 21 has about the same lifespan, on average, as someone with BMI 35 which is plenty fat.

And further, as the article states correlation is not causation. Some ailments like thyroid disorders, sleep apnea and other forms of sleep disturbance, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and countless others increase the risks of being fat. In those cases the person's fatness isn't the cause of their health problems, but a byproduct.

I had undiagnosed, untreated severe sleep apnea for years. I don't know when it started, but it may have been in my early 20s and I got diagnosed at age 35, six years ago. I was always tired, which made it far harder to maintain a fitness routine than when I was a teenager or since my treatment started.