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Dumai wrote

It always bugged me that even smart people are interested in sex and relationships.

i don't mean to be rude but this person must be hell to know irl


jadedctrl wrote

coming from someone who's ace, ace people seem like assholes in most articles… bad portrayals or bad pickings


Dumai wrote

they really seem to be selling the "look at these coldly rational emotionless asexuals" angle which i think is pretty offensive to asexuals aside from anything else?


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I can't say I've had the most positive associations with a lot of ace folk either. I've seen a lot of sniping from their corner at the rest of the quiltbag, and I'm not really fond of being treated like an animal who can't control her baser instincts because I'm open about my sexuality. I've met more than enough chill ace people to outweigh the shitty ones, but it's the shitty ones that stick with you when they don't act any better than the hets do half the time.