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ChaosRocket wrote

Has the person who wrote this article ever seen Glee?

I don’t see how Brittany fits the “promiscuous bi” trope. She had a total of 3 sexual partners over the course of the series, all of whom she was in a serious relationship with. Is that really the bar for promiscuity?

Also Santana doesn’t fit the “straight to gay” trope at all. She was never straight- from the very beginning, she was in a sexual relationship with Brittany and was in love with her, but was in denial about her feelings because she feared Brittany didn’t feel the same way, and was in denial about her sexually due to internalized homophobia. So she has a few shallow sexual relationships with men to try to convince herself and others that she was straight. She was clearly never interested in the men- she would bring Brittany on all her “dates” with men and make out with her.

Her storyline was really clear that she was always a lesbian but was just in denial for a couple years as a young teen. As soon as she admitted she was actually in love with Brittany and not just “fooling around,” she also admitted she was a lesbian.

That’s a really, really common thing in the real world, for young lesbians to sleep with a couple men in an attempt to convince themselves they’re straight. Actually I think that’s more common than not, because of heteronormativity. I think it’s actually invalidating to lesbians to act like anyone who ever slept with a man as a young teen is automatically bi.