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Dumai wrote

there are times this article reads like really bad satire but anyway

a lot of this has more to do with the fetishisation of masculinity and the assumption that bottoming is emasculating (notice how the thing about loose anuses exactly mirrors the sexist canard that sexually active women have loose vaginas). more to the point i think misogyny is a pretty universal issue in male gay culture and theorising it as something tops do to oppress bottoms feels really silly.

anyway i would not say "tops" or "bottoms" are modern social identities in the same way gayness is, and to imply that they are would seem to galvanise the creepy fucks in the bdsm scene who believe in "vanilla privilege". feels like the same kind of deal to me!


HiddenAmongShadows wrote

Oh God, another article talking about a certain type of "privilege". Society is systematically equal already, the people who made this article need to get their heads out of their asses.


_ziq_ wrote (edited )


Sorry I couldn't hear that over the sound of my gold plated ferarri backing over your head.


mofongo wrote

Then why rich people get less jail time than poor people for the same crime?