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Submitted by erin in Queer

"Genre-gender is an umbrella term for gender identities that exist without any reference to biology or binaries.

In order for a gender to fall under the genre-gender umbrella it needs to be framed and related to by free association, in other words a person may choose to associate with that gender freely, and so it cannot have any conditions, qualifiers or any kind of gate-keeping applied to it."


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Enkara wrote


I don't get it, u do u I guess.


cyanaurora wrote

I don't understand. Gender identity is about biology, inherently and necessarily. Gender identity is brain sex, it's your own internal understanding of the way your body should be. How can you have a gender identity without any reference to biology?

When you mix gender identity with other aspects of social gender, it gets messy. There's a place for identity in social gender, but this post conflates the two. When someone asks a tomboy her gender, she says "I am a woman," because social gender needs no label, nor is it as central to a person as gender identity. She may also identify as a tomboy, but that's not her gender identity.

It's not cisnormative or transphobic to acknowledge that, I think.