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U may claim that Joe Biden is a powerful man. Well I would disagree. I think even Joe Biden the so called most powerful man is possiblly one of the weaker people on the planet. See authoritarians have to capitulate to power scriptures to get their power. So as soon as the don't follow the will of societal structures such as government or profit for shareholders their power is all gone.

Let's take the skirt example. I am someone who doesn't really like feminine clothing to wear personally but I mostly do it to take on the challenge of society trying to tell me what to do, practice taking on conflict, potential benefits in marketing, setting an image or whatever and generally trying to attack all systems of control on my person.

And let me be honest, as soon as some masc dude with a mildly big internet platform wears fem clothing and doesn't even try or care about looking like a women the evidence of society controlling ones basic behavior like clothing becomes extremely fucking apparent. And I personally am someone who has spent lots and lots of time trying to get used to people not liking me or being antaganist and it not chnaging my behavior and being in a position where I am self reliant in a way that said dependency can't be used to coerce my behavior.

So even with me being not trying to jerk myself off here too much, prob the best example of someone who doesn't give a fuck I know by a large margin it still got to me a decent amount. Even something so minor and prepped for mentally brought on massive anxiety and depression in facing negative critisism in a non material way.

See one thing I'm grasping in life is the concept that my plans and what actually happens are very different. You can plan out an event and thinking u know how u do it but turns out it might be immpossible or way harder than u thought. And a big revelation is that everytime u cast of the chains of societal restriction the fear of loss is hard to shake over even when prepared. It's one thing to logically say I do prefer freedom to security. It's a completely different story to actually do it and fear the intense bodily reaction to the loss of security.

But the fact of the matter I'm at a point where combined with love and admiration might I add I got droves of people calling me mentally ill and nauseatingly hideous. It took me about 45 minutes to shave of the negative response to that. Which is a massive improvement. And u know what once the fear of loss of security was gone I started plotting more ways I can do it again bc freedom is worth it.

If fact I'm more determined to see how much more I can openly take societal attack bc I don't like being effected by it and it's just a fact of resocialising yourself so it's a nonexistent factor. Bc I'd much rather be like Diogenes than a boomer who is terrified to be even minority criticized by society.

Now back to the original prompt. After this I thought to myself how Biden would be deathly terrified if he did what I did on his scale. Can u imagine what would fucking happen if uncle Joe put on some thigh highs, booty shorts and a crop top with an ahego face on it. There is no way in hell he would be reelected, he would be bombarded by news media and comedians loose all his strength, and positive attributes he has been working towards gaining. People will question his sanity and not take him seriously. In fact something so minor as Joe Biden dressing queer would take away so much of his ability. So I ask if his ability is so fragile that he is stuck in a small avenue with few choices and often 1 choice how powerful is he.

He has one choice wear a suit. He has one choice constantly talk in a way to be mass appealing he can't say what is on his mind or what he thinks bc it will remove his abilities. He can't talk freely by the donors, he can't talk freely even privately with divisors bc it could be leaked. This is true for so many people in power. Donald Trump of all people fucking truffled to even reach his base when he said things Twitter didn't like. Rich people have a massive problem of once they get money their anxiety isn't over bc they have to spend massive efforts to preserve it. And in said preservation only works in preserving the status quo.

So for even the richest billionaire they are so precarious to try and keep systems in stagnation. And even minor changes are seen as threats to everything bc if the dollar goes to shit they will be no better off than the homeslless person on the street. Worse of in fact bc they would have no ability to cope with said change.

So to be clear I think there are many things more powerful than me. The US government being one but it merely possess shells of humans to control the humans themself are extremely powerless in their life as they struggle to hang onto the power gotten by the ghosts of systems of power.

See everyday I become more free to make whatever choice I want and for many free choices I can't make I have options to change that. And there is something to be learned by queerness and in general the cynic and punk attitudes to life. It might seem counter intuitive that rejecting systems of power woul grant u more empower but it's true. Seeking power doesn't nothing but control ones choices. And once u go down the path u have nothing but more to loose the higher u go so more reason to keep being controlled.



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tuesday wrote

It might seem counter intuitive that rejecting systems of power woul grant u more empower but it's true.

I don't think that it's counter intuitive at all. But maybe that's just because I'm coming at this as a person who has rejected social/political power for personal empowerment? The less power you seek the freer you are.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

Cewl u feel that way

to clarify I'm being 100% positive