Submitted by lettuceLeafer in Queer (edited )

When wearing shitty womens clothing (no pockets, weak elastic, no belt) jockstraps are great for holding stuff. I can decently conceal and hold a hunting knife in the jockstrap with very short shorts.The elastic is super strong so for example if u are wearing booty shorts a jockstrap can be a replacement for pockets as its pretty easy to hold wallet, keys ect. Tho might fall out if you need to move quick. Plus a lot of thigh high socks hold stuff to so u can tuck your stuff into that elastic as well. I don't have one but I would image a good belly hand holster would also be really great to provide utility into most feminine outfits that is sorely lacking



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Fool wrote

Is that a knife in your jocks or are you just happy to see me?