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lachsarb OP wrote

Do share real sources

I did. I cited the NIH, APA, CIHR, and Stanford.

And when I say sources I mean something more than a series of definitions to fit your confirmation bias.

I have no confirmation bias. You're the one arguing against yourself.

I'll save you some effort. I suppose intersex people don't exist, which is why cishets feel the need to forcibly change their bodies to continue their myth.

That very twitter post affirms everything I've been saying lmao. I even mentioned intersex people in my post. You even quoted me mentioning them, so I know you saw it. And as opposed to tweets, I can actually provide reputable sources backing up the claim that sex is not binary.

You're just strawmanning to such extremes that you literally post twitter threads that affirm my understanding of sex, which you originally disputed.


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lachsarb OP wrote (edited )

Deflections and shifting goal-posts.

Not an argument. Nor is that accurate.

And no, you're not queer.

That's fine. I'm gonna go get me a genderfluid boyfriend with a vulva (which is transphobic to you) while you invalidate their gender identity (which is totally not transphobic in your view) as well as my gender identity, sexual orientation, and romantic orientation (which again is also totally not queerphobic to you).


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lachsarb OP wrote

No, the idea that there are biological sexes is the transphobic part.

The twitter thread you literally linked affirms that sex is biological, which again is backed by the trans rights document I sourced.

Don't tokenize your friends to change the subject. "I have a friend who is x, how can I be x-phobic!?"

I never tokenized them, I said they're laughing at how you became queerphobic and threw logic out the window in a weird attempt to win an argument against someone you deemed transphobic... anyways that's enough back and fourth. I don't think you realize exactly what happened in this conversation so there's really no point in me trying to get you to understand what on earth either you or I said.