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lachsarb OP wrote (edited )

"biological genders," is peak TERF-ery, but, sure.

I never said gender is biological. I said sex is biological, which it is by definition. And yes, TERFs have tried coopting gender abolition so they can instead rely on sex to invalidate trans people, which I disagree with.

For a moment, though do tell me how you're supposed to know if someone is "biologically" male/female without looking at genitals.

You can't know for sure. That's because "biological sex" -while revolving around biology- is essentially just a social construct.

I also know quite a LOT of heterosexual people that DO INDEED obsess over genitals and use that as the basis for disregarding the existence and validity of trans people.

Probably because they're transphobic.

I very seriously doubt that OP only cares about "what's hidden under the clothing".

So by definition I might be considered bi, even though I'm only interested in people who are biologically female or maybe intersex

I literally just said I'm only sexually interested in people who have vulvas. Again I ask, do you have to want to fuck someone in order to care about them?