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celebratedrecluse wrote

But I still have straight desires, and don't see a reason why these desires should change, as desire follows the shape of a person.

Are our desires not produced by conditions and choices? They are a moving target, and if not reinforced most tend to fade (psychological habituation). Sexuality, as complex as it is, is one of the best examples of this I think-- there are many examples, human and non-human, that show the mutability and permeability of sexuality as a field of animal activity. I don't know that it is self-evident to me that your, or my, desires are just there. Something must be reproducing them, no? But you would be the expert on your own desires and situation, so I am curious if you want to discuss further and expound on this subject.

Interesting post btw. thanks for sharing your thoughts


AnarchoDoom OP wrote (edited )

To me, sexual prefenrence is like people liking parsley and those not standing it, or people preferring to walk, over biking or skating. I ain't significantly different... just that it's about an aspect of life (sexual intercourse, and related desires/preferences) that is still morally being swept under the rug.

But it's part of someone's traits, personality, but not all that makes them appreciable as a person. I refuse to see this as a kind of central identity value. You're gay or bi? You're straight? That's not very important.. neither very defining of your quality as a person.

Yet society keeps making it a central identitarian matter, which ain't quite right... "Society" should instead start to come clean with its repression of sexuality in the first place.