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BinkBonk wrote

I mentioned those at least twice in my comment. Can you read?


amongstclouds wrote

Yes, I can. Do you even understand the words you type?

I can play your game too, pal.


amongstclouds wrote

Actually, no, I'm not playing this game.

The fact that you seem to think that there is some great enigma behind WHY trans people are so likely to choose suicide is disgusting. The problem in your thinking is that you're treating trans people as some kind of science project that is to be studied and understood, while underplaying the SOCIAL elements going on from OTHER people. It would be more helpful to study why people treat trans/homosexual people this way.

I can tell you this because I've spent my ENTIRE life not being my true self because of the people around me. I've just recently began to be comfortable with the acceptance that I was not born in the proper body. I'm depressed most of the time because I have ZERO SUPPORT IN MY LIFE. Even my friends who claim to be allies still objectify the fuck out of people like me and it terrifies me. Like, even if they are totally fine with me coming out, I know how they think about things like this, and I would never be comfortable around them.

I would much rather be dead than come out to my family and friends. Because THEY ARE INCONSDERATE ASSHOLES. There is no great secret.


AgentW_C wrote

A post to give you a thumbs up and show support. I freely admit that I am a cis asexual female, but I have considerable experience with bullying and I know very much what bullying is like, what it's like to constantly deal with people verbally abusing you for being who you are.

The extent of my physical abuse involved guys kicking my shins, snatching up my stuff and playing keep-away, or that a-hole who dropped stuff down the front of my shirt. That doesn't mean I can't sympathize with those who have experienced worse, because if you have to go through something bad to know that it is bad, you are kind of a horrible person with a poorly-developed sense of empathy. For the record, that advice they give you, "Just ignore them" and "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me," it's all BS.

As said before, I cannot think of any so-called other causes to bring up. Really Bink's argument smells like "Now can we have a calm discussion about what LGBT people are inferior" mealymouthed bullshit. Because it just all comes back to societal issues; it's the massive black hole at the center of nearly everything related to the problems of LGBT people.

LGBT kids are more likely to be kicked out of the house, after which, they wind up on the streets, which usually increases the odds of them winding up in the sex trade or getting a substance addiction, either of which doesn't come with a long life span attached.

They also have to deal with, like I said before, people who see them as, at best, a disease, at worst, an abomination unto the Lord. That would obviously cause considerable psychological stress, which would account for why they have the highest suicide rate of any minority group. Stress also takes a physical toll on someone. Due to societal stigma, LGBT tend to wind up living in poverty, which makes it so they have a harder time getting proper health care. It also doesn't help that there are physiological issues that LGBT people experience that Straight people don't. This combined with a mistrust of doctors (which is somewhat justified, given the experiences quite a few have with them), means that they tend to die younger of easily-preventable causes.

And they are also statistically more likely to be the victim of a hate crime than any other minority groups and unlike many minority groups, lawyers can still use the Gay Panic defense or the Trans Panic defense, making it so the victim winds up being responsible for their own assault and/or murder. The Gay Panic defense is on its way out, but the Trans Panic defense still has some legs, seeing as many forms of entertainment still portray transgender women as a source of horror and disgust.

The tl;dr, what other causes, besides societal stigma, are there to explain the short life expectancy of LGBT people?


amongstclouds wrote

Thank you for sharing, and I'm sorry to hear about your bullying. It's been really scary coming to realize this about myself and I wish I had paid attention to these feelings sooner.