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AgentW_C wrote

Given that these so-called stressors mostly stem from a society that hates and actively persecutes the LGBT community, It's safe to say everyone everywhere should do their part by giving you the two middle finger salute.


BinkBonk wrote

I may agree with where these stressors come from, but can we prove it with empirical data? What I'm saying is nailing these issues and helping our trans friends to live longer, happier lives might be worth the effort of honest inquiry. While we can see the societal pressures everyday, what are the ones we cannot see? What are other causes? These are questions we need answers to. What we don't need is the shutting down of conversation with this inanely argumentative bullshit.


AgentW_C wrote

Ignoring societal issues feels like...I was going to make some remark about the elephant in the room, but this is so massive and obvious an issue that it transcends rooms and elephants entirely.

I'm trying to think what other possible issues and causes you could be considering. Your words feel like a mealy-mouthed way of saying, "Now, now, can't we just consider the possibility that LGBT people are inherently flawed and discuss this like civilized human beings."

I'm really shaking my head at the fact you believe that constantly facing threats on their lives for being who they are or being ostracized for who they are, from the wider culture doesn't completely explain the problems facing LGBT people. I'm fairly certain that if I was part of a demographic where I am seen, at best, as a disease and at worst, an abomination, that would have egregious effects on my psychology and maybe make me more likely to kill myself.


BinkBonk wrote

ignoring societal issues

Let me stop you there. I mentioned those at least twice. Did you even read my post? What else pushes these people to suicide? It seems this forum would rather hatejerk about a poster than have a real discussion on helping to save the lives of trans people.