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BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote (edited )

gentrifies cities

No actually im gonna go back to the countryside and raise property values there too >:) yes im woke and queer, ... bourgeois? Dont know sweaty mentioning class seems regressive to me


GlangSnorrisson wrote

Did you read the article? Cause that’s really not the sense I got from it.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote (edited )

Yeah, I think some of what they are doing is definitely good, especially taking in at risk queer youth. But, it seems that the initiative at it’s base comes from a place of being bourgeois.

First working class queer people carve out a safe space for themselves in cities. Then queers from the suburbs see that and flood the community and kick out the working class residents. After a while, the gentrifiers start to realize that the neighborhood has lost its identity and is no longer a space for those who express their queerness in nontraditional manners. Then finally, they leave to go back to the suburbs/rural areas and try to make another community.

This is what happens when a movement is centered on the identity of queerness rather than the material oppressions faced by real working class queer people. Chief among these oppressions is class and it always will be class, without attacking both class and heteronormativity you are doomed to failure and cooption by the wealthy. The same thing happens with racism, sexism, nationalism, and even class struggle. Without an intersectional understanding centered on class it is impossible to create real lasting change for the people who actually need real lasting change, i.e. for working people.