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this_one wrote

I don't really know the intricacies of 'glossopoeia' vs 'conlang(ing)', but there is also the forum /f/glossopoeia, which might interest you


MrJoshTheEpic wrote (edited )

I just looked it up, there isn't actually a difference. I only created mine because it didn't seem like a sub for this existed on here yet. Some conlangers, though, might not know this word (just like I didn't) so a sub about constructed languages should really be named more obviously imo.

Edit: after looking at /f/glossopoeia, it seems that that forum is more about discussion of conlangs in general, whereas I am trying to create an environment more like /r/conlangs where people talk about their own conlangs and users can create different activities to aid in language construction, as well as anything else related to conlanging.