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StrongerThanEvil wrote

This is something that really scares me, since it's becoming more common every year lately.

I'm not even talking about the aberration of pressuring and controling people to generate even more money for the selected few, which is already horrible. I'm really afraid that before we know it, all this shit (chips, cameras, microphones, computer logs, etc) will be mandatory in some countries and used beyond company uses, like surveillance for dictatorships.


Cactus wrote

Tip: you can automate this by integrating OSM geolocation with Shodan, cuz Shodan have shit load of open surveillance cam, all you gotta do is search up its landing page, protocol, standard and model. You can get nearly exact location with its IP, some model even have location written on their page. Why do your slave collection while you can get machine learning do it for ya?

I used Tensorflow to run the collection data learning coupled with Shodan to pwn default logins on IPcam and Edimax (wifi extender), though without OSM, I used Google Maps. Pretty sure you can do the same with OSM.


Kymski wrote

Let us see:

  • Unsecured MongoDB. okay.
  • account database with Name, email, plaintext password and real time location? wtf
  • no contact info on the company website.
  • no contact info on the privacy policy (which looks like something brewed in Microsoft Frontpage)
  • no contact on whois
  • no contact in the companys buiness records

they only managed to get the DB offline, because they asked the Hoster to contact the dev.

Sorry, but that isn't just plain stupid or laziness. That's borderline negligently.