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Stuckinthecity wrote

I got an Iphone as a “gift” from my “””””father””””” years ago, and since he pays insurance for it, I’m stuck with it so let me give y’all a thorough rundown as to why this phone is shit. You can find articles or snippets to individual flaws, but remember to take a step back and put everything together. It’s so bad, I’d rather not have any of the devices or software (holy shit the software) made after 2005.

•Apple loves to talk big about security but that doesn’t apply to them giving away your info to untraceable and malicious ad companies. Obviously this is a bullshit excuse to stalk the bootlicking, bougie userbase and limit the phone’s capabilities.

•Despite the many, many, many unnecessary updates, it is flatout broken when it comes to managing unused phone space. This has been an issue for at least several years and I haven’t seen or heard anything about a fix. ....Or maybe it isn’t broken. No one on either end seems sure, since users can’t even check where this mysterious extra data is without third party support (which is obviously against Apple’s TOS) let alone editing or deleting it. You basically have to research the apps and hope that it doesn’t fuck anything up worse.

•Customer service is nonexistent, but I guess that is the rule rather than the exception for big companies. The best solutions I’ve seen were from forums, and it always boiled down to resetting everything a billion times. There’s humor in here about the default of the phone being worse than not.

•Did I mention the userbase is completely in denial and refuses to accept any sort of criticism of this shitty phone ever? If they aren’t posting or looking up issues on forums, chances are they’re ignorant as hell or full blown “I’d kill my family for the newest model.” They have to be because there wouldn’t be any other way to tolerate this.

•The simplified interface is not only condescending but unremovable. The options are so boiled down and hidden that it almost seems like its built for children before anyone else. That isn’t an issue by itself but again there’s no way to basically Linux the phone without voiding the warranty. (Just a reminder Apple is real iffy about this part because a lot of the modification is reversible and not really enforceable... not to mention illegal. You literally can’t take a warranty away just because a user wanted to add mods but they’re damn well trying.)

•Youtube. The app is a dogshit adfest so naturally people loomed for alternatives. And them, Apple cracked down HARD on workarounds for ad-blocking and background play.... sorry “”””premium features””””” way quicker than they ever did actually fixing the device. A year didn’t even pass after Red came out and Safari’s HD and background play were almost completely bricked. Speaking of—

•Safari. Any browser that isn’t Safari is neutered into Safari lite. Firefox, Duckduck, UBlock, Chrome you name it. This is again to crack down on user control. It’s basically pointless to switch to anything else. There are probably other reasons but it just look like arrogance and narcissism from my view point.

•System wide ad-blocking is impossible without 3rd party support. VPNs (which are technically fake and the data goes nowhere, I checked) with adblocking features are being removed en masse. There’s no reason to do this beyond exercising power... again.

•Battery life so terrible its a meme.

•You can probably guess the company’s position on issues relating to governments doing what they want. •This post is all ready long enough. I can’t keep going on so let me just say this is defintely a good phone for a shithead like my dad.

In conclusion, Apple is the epitome of capitalism and needs to fucking die.


steelypan wrote

I don't have a car.

I do block the MAC address of my "Smart TV" and stuff like that, though. And disable the cameras on most of my devices.

If I had a car with Bluetooth and couldn't find a guide on how to software disable it, I'd probably just find where the hardware is and rip it out.

There are some YouTube videos on the subject, but there's no way I'm turning off NoScript to watch them, so I don't know if they're any good.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

Read this yesterday and my attention has shifted away from gardening to learning how much of my data I can keep and ways to prevent future collection of my information.

This is an old article:

I was at a (US)county meeting yesterday and they talked about the equipment they use to determine traffic patterns. They place these rubber hoses across the roadway and a compute device on the side of the road counts the number of passing cars and generates a rough estimate of the weight of the vehicle. In private discussion the company that manufactures the device talked about how it improves accuracy by collecting Bluetooth DUN information from the car's infotainment system and cellular devices. I asked a few vague questions and they said they keep this data! They do not have any mandates to scrub the data, no retention time rules, and does not appear there are any rules/laws that force them to safeguard that data. I can only assume they resell that data as well. I have driven over these devices for the last 10 years and never thought about.