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celebratedrecluse wrote

Yeah they're doing the same techniques to abolish checkouts, like with the Amazon store. same technology.

As technocracy expands, it reifies the existing power relationships, but consolidates the subaltern into increasingly homogenous categories of exploitation. Of course, there is a major difference between a migrant industrial laborer and a white middle class shoplifter, and differential privilege still applies. However, over time it will become more and more apparent that even between such vastly different experiences, there are at least a few common threads of struggle-- and they all lead back to the technocrats, those disproportionately arranging the material conditions we collectively experience.


vastepan OP wrote (edited )

what do you mean by native and advertisement? And when it's not ? If you find some nice service how you non-advertise it? Any post link is advertisement, or what? Use morse code?

Edit: yes i found that difference with this service as most are temporary, and this is something i could not find elsewhere...


OldHippieChick wrote

Localville LUG is hosted by google groups and seems to be mostly Microsoft techs reminiscing about "back in the day" when they used to use some form of *nix.

I PM'd you about my personal situation, which I would like to believe is extreme.

I'd like to network with others. I did not learn about computers and the internet by taking classes or buying products.