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hasbrochem wrote

what it is with people when they get older? they seem to completely forget what it was they hated so much when they were younger and do those same things but to an even more extreme level. reminds me of those people that say, "I used to be an anarchist...when I was like 16..." and now you're an authoritarian assholes, congrats.

just because someone is "your kid" doesn't mean you fucking own them. they're not property. they're human beings. this baffles and makes me angry.


alex_ wrote

the mindset of “i’m doing this thing you hate because i know what’s best for you and love you” can, at times, border on abuse in my opinion.


hasbrochem wrote

it is abuse and it assumes that younger people aren't smart enough to asses things for themselves


bloodrose wrote

Jesus wept! By the time I was a teenager, my mother figured she had either raised me right or not and she'd find out based on what I did. She just asked that I don't drive impaired and I call her if I ever needed a ride.

I intend to do the same or better for my daughter.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

I havent read the article, but imo I can see scenarios where tracking smaller children would get give them more freedome while staying safe. Like, for example, a bracelet-phone from which with the child can call the parents and send their gps position on the push of a button.


rel1x wrote

if you buy this you should go to jail this abuse