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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Depending on where you live you can just get a throwaway SIM card from a store that you can pay for with cash.

I prefer to just make facebook accounts through VPN and avoid the verification nightmares that come with TOR.


Mango wrote

Prepaid SIM now requires you to provide IMEI number that unique to your phone, so be sure to get a throwaway cheap phone to unlock it. There are free SMS service online, however they require you to provide ID.


mastersdominion OP wrote

Using a sim reduces anonimity. As soon as the sim is on, you will have a location. Unless I am willing to drive 200+ miles, it will be to local. Hell even 200 miles away is too close. I know their has to be one out there that works. I must consider the safety and privacy of my students.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

This type of problem shows the insufficiency of individualist praxis to solve the problems of a cybernetic age.

What I would suggest is that you recruit a trusted friend in a different part of your country to buy a prepaid phone, cash. Your conrad should do some research to figure out the exact cost of the phone beforehand. Your conrad should leave their own phone at home, or preferably somewhere with a good alibi (friend's home, etc), and turn the location services on so it is logged at this different location. Your conrad should also not drive to the phone store, and ideally for bonus points your conrad should pay a houseless person to walk in and buy it, while your conrad stays a block away.

You can then communicate over a secure means of communication (something encrypted, relatively unsurveilled) to share the login token you need. However, since your conrad won't have their phone on them, the best practice is to: create a google account beforehand, connect the phone upon purchase to the google account, and then put the login token in the gmail inbox. You can then login via some sort of proxy (tor, VPN if tor isnt working), grab the token, and register the FB account. In this way, the need for a secure means of communication between you and your conrad is eliminated, replaced instead by a proxied/anonymous means of logging into the google account. For the purposes of creating an anonymous social media profile, this achieves essentially the same result as sharing the login token over encrypted messaging, assuming the google account is deleted thereafter and not used for other purposes.

The phone can then be discarded, ideally at a location where it will be reused for low-income phone services, or given directly to a friendly local houseless person. If you asked a houseless person to purchase the phone, you could in fact offer them to keep it. Remember to tip them for their time, even if you are giving the phone to them afterwards. If the phone+service costs $50, then I would recommend a $10 tip, in keeping with the 20% which is standard for the service industry.

Cheers, and good luck