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alqm wrote

So, replying to everyone here:

I think it's very uncommon, but where I work my salary is given to me in real live cash, not through banks or checks. I could live without a bank and take care of securing it myself, "in theory."

I'm using a co-op bank to store it too. It's a very unknown, small bank. The only advantage is the ability to purchase from international websites using their card. That's the only reason I keep it.

But my conclusion is that there's no reason yet to think about a different approach. Maybe soon.


zorblax wrote

Lucky. My pay is rigorously tracked by the banking system.


alqm wrote

My bank knows that I only use money to donate to free software projects and buy hardware. The government must have already included me in some threat list for their fascist agenda. LOL


ziq wrote (edited )

Nope. Don't got none.

Seriously though, I live paycheck to paycheck, and yes it's put in my bank (can you even get paid without having a bank account?), but it runs out by the time the next payday comes.

Very few people I know are able to actually save money.

EDIT: It's a co-op bank btw, but that doesn't actually mean anything since they bailed in the banks here and forced the co-ops to obey the IMF's demands.


sudo wrote

I use a credit union. They're only slightly better than a bank, but they're the least shitty financial institution where I live.


BlackFlagged wrote


I doubt many people here have the kind of resources needed to speculate with virtual cash.


go1dfish wrote

This is a common misconception.

Cryptocurrencies are not stocks and tend to be incredibly divisible.

Purchase fees are also almost always percentage based rather than flat.

Some cryptocurrencies, espescially early development projects will freely give away coins to spread awareness and attract more attention/involvement in the project.