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Raven wrote

This wasn't the first time Citizen Lab get targeted by spooks, nor it will ever be the last. The problem that caused these shit, is that they meddle with private contractor and investor into funding their research, which is something most hackers who have worked with them strongly opposed.

We at Uproot used to collaborate with Citizen Lab on privacy projects, and some of our projects got docked by their management because: either too radical, or we opposed them fixing our researches with private funding. But worst of all that Citizen Lab subjected to follow TPS orders to snuff one of our research. It didn't even pick up off the table, we were told to shut it down.

Also the whole fiasco drama of Citizen Lab covering up for Morgan Mayhem being a sexual assaulter. They only kicked him out recently cuz his victims went public with a bang, and they couldn't stand back. They particularly kept him quiet during the research on FinFisher and recent NSO/Cellebrite, cuz he had been useful fool. Morgan was blatantly been a known groper in the international hacker scene, with victims ranging from CCC to HOPE for the last fucking 10 years. He even bragged about groping people on private messages.

Anyway, Citizen Lab also like to collaborate with CSIS in private projects. So on the front they pretend to be privacy-loving, but some of their researchers went on to work on targeted/mass surveillance projects for the Canadian government.