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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I host my own email - which, unfortunately, is enough of a pain in the ass that I wouldn't recommend it for most people. I use non-Google search engines. Whenever practical I get cash out of ATM machines and buy products that way, and I don't use loyalty cards at stores.

But it's almost useless. The school lunch payment program does not accept cash payments, so I have to tie that in to my bank or a credit card. Toll booth cameras capture license plates. A lot of ongoing medical expenses and such go through credit accounts. Everyone I actually send email to uses a GMail account, so Google reads 99% of the messages I send and receive anyway. Only a tiny handful of the people I know are not active on social media.

And 98% of the people that I discuss privacy concerns with just think I'm a lunatic. "You think the fact we are all carrying around a computer with a microphone and camera that a hacker, corrupt cellular service employee, corrupt law enforcement official, or the government in general can access at any time is bad? You must be nuts, what's wrong with you?"