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noordinaryspider wrote (edited )

No, it's not that important. That would have serious economic consequences for them and perhaps even affect their career options in the future. I'm not worth it. t an option for Prime Directive reasons. Damn.

I guess I can't unfuck this fuckup. Mitigation time:


So.....I already cleaned out all the emails from that account. Riseup changed my username and left me my old one as an alias which should help a bit. I don't store my contacts in my email account, but I need to get better about using keepass instead of the ol' meat envelope to remember logins.

I don't store my friends' contact info on email servers intentionally but I'm not the sharpest tack in the box. Also my filters are based on people's addresses so those have to go.

What else am I forgetting to do?


Copenhagen_Bram wrote


meat envelope

I'm thinking about using paper and pencil for passwords. It doesn't need batteries and it isn't potentially online. (I suppose you could also encrypt passwords on an offline mobile device and that would be better) Use a simple cipher to encrypt your paper passwords, if you choose to go that route. Should slow an attacker down, unless they can copy it to their computer.