Why are the results on duckduckgo less precise than google and is there any way to help it evolve?

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A lot of my experiences with ddg can be frustrating at best and useless at worst. Mostly when I type in something kind of vague or niche or something, where google would be very helpful, and completely unrelated results will show up (especially in the image search where there have been multiple times where ddg's best match are all porn images for some reason?? yeah I know I can turn on safe search if I want to)

Is it just a matter of more people using it over the years for it to get more searches poured into it and better algorithms?


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disfalo wrote

Use startpage.com for Google results without executing JavaScript code.

The real solution would be to make a peer-to-peer search engine like YaCy get better results.


gotohui wrote (edited )

is there any way to help it evolve?

Cough up a heap of money for machine learning research and datacenter infrastructure.

They are using the Bing api if I recall correctly, which should give better results than unrelated porn images for whatever you were searching for, though. As a developer I would recommend you to give them specific feedback when you encounter these situations, so they know about it and have a chance to fix the underlying issue.

Personally, I'm also using Startpage, which is decent most of the time, altough for some queries the results seem weirdly nerfed.