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quandyalaterreux wrote


If you use TOR browser with gmail that is exactly as private as using gmail without the TOR browser.

Even in such scenario you get more privacy since your ISP won't know that you accessed such website at such time...


[deleted] wrote


quandyalaterreux wrote (edited )

How much more? Your ISP won't know that you visited gmail but if you are using https then the local ISP would not know your account name anyway. And if you are not using https then the exit node would know your account name and that is a lot less private.

The Tor Browser includes HTTPS Everywhere and in fact gmail is preloaded in the HSTS preload list so HTTPS should be forced. In the first case the ISP will know that you visited gmail, whereas in the second the ISP won't know that - which is a net gain in privacy terms.