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surreal wrote

doesn't matter how many spins he makes to reassure his investors, he is already a sociopath seeking power and profit, no cure for that.


[deleted] wrote


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I agree with everything you wrote except the last sentence. Many people don't really understand what they're giving up and why Facebook fundamentally never has their best interest at heart.

That's a failure of education, not a reason for the tech elite to sit around and congratulate ourselves for being smarter than the average person.


v__ wrote

Only people still using fb today are loud mouth narcissists.


leftous wrote

We're all being quickly conditioned into accepting that we have no privacy. Many people just idly accept it at this point, and won't stop using facebook or will return when the outrage dies down. Facebook is even designed that way where you can never really get rid of it. In a moment of weakness you may log back in or have to reactivate your account to use different services.