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glokaya_kuzdra wrote

I propose a law to stop systems from collecting personal data.

The robust way to do that, the way that can’t be set aside at the whim of a government, is to require systems to be built so as not to collect data about a person. The basic principle is that a system must be designed not to collect certain data, if its basic function can be carried out without that data.

How would this be enforced, and how would parameters be created to enforce it? I mean, regulation isn't my ideal solution - but neoliberalism seems to be setting quite a precedent for using law to progress the human condition (even if it regresses and creates ways for regression) sometimes as well...


selver wrote

Probably through some sort of government audit?

His politics about how to change it are pretty clear from his activism, create alternatives and convince people to use them instead of non-free solutions.


glokaya_kuzdra wrote

Yes, I use many of his alternatives. :-) I just worry the government audit would be problematic or used to exploit people (creating a sort of hierarchy). Still, I'm not a fan of big corporations spying on us, and this would help!


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I don't think it can be enforced. But he's the president of the Free Software Foundation, I'm sure he wants all software to be free-as-in-freedom. So anyone can audit the code for any service and ensure it's not collecting data.