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anarcho_pirate wrote

The official Messenger app allows you to use it without creating a full Facebook account. If you already have an account, or make a new fake one, it is probably safer to use an open source third-party app. There's really no perfect solution with Facebook. If you are using Android, disable all app permissions for Messenger and the Facebook app. On a browser, ideally you'd disable javascript entirely, but the best compromise between usability and privacy seems to be using a tracker-blocker like Privacy Badger.

I have a similar dilemma, because the string quartet I'm in communicates with Messenger. I used the mobile-app-without-full-account option. I used my real name, but I wouldn't suggest you do. It is slow as hell (caused by all the feature bloat plus tracking) and I have all permissions turned off. It is surely reading my conversations and correlating it with my shadow profile generated mostly from my parents' accounts. Scary stuff.