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boringskip wrote

Better suggestion: use, and help contribute to an open and accessible internet archive.

They're a very serious and legit non-profit.


OldHippieChick wrote

FTR, video can be streamed from just like youtube. It looks almost identical. There is a thumbnail for the person to see and if they choose to click on it, the video will begin playing.

This worked for me on Diaspora and I assume it will work here as well.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much music there is there. Also, I sometimes communicate by posting links to the lyrics or guitar tablature of a well know piece of music rather than the video that is hosted on the google data mining site that uses video streaming as a trojan horse.

It's easier if the other person isn't a musician or deeply invested in the music industry, so I don't claim to be any sort of a saint or anything, but I did want to share that is a serious alternate, free, and ethical source of media these days.


ziq wrote (edited )

Support but it sounds like a lot of work for those of us who post most of the articles. Can people volunteer to do it after we post them?

f/meta would have been a better place for this suggestion.


braketheboxes OP wrote

I was suggesting it with the idea that the users would decide to do it themselves. I'll do it for every link I submit.


ziq wrote

Yeah I post way too many links to do that - and I'm usually on mobile. Volunteers would need to step up to share the workload.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Perhaps ideally the site would one day have its own archiving service with a blacklist of corporate and shitty sites that it automatically archives itself when the person makes the submission.

I'm guessing that'd be a lot of work and also costly at the moment though?


seitanicqueer98 wrote

is or pastebin not good?


braketheboxes OP wrote (edited )

They both have trackers embedded such as doubleclick and google analytics.

This site is trusted as no js is required and there is onion support to guarantee anonymity so it technically a better option and the user is on the site already.

It is just a suggestion anyway


[deleted] wrote (edited )


boringskip wrote

No, you should use, they're an awesome non-profit that benefits everyone


leftous wrote

What about just for mainstream sites? If the site is run by comrades, collectives, etc I think we should be directing traffic to their sites


braketheboxes OP wrote

I had corporate and media entities in mind when I wrote it. I fully agree with supporting comrades.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

You can also post in the text of the OP . At least post the relevant section

This would also discourage people from posting clickbait.