Meet Haven: Snowden’s New App Uses Your Smartphone To Physically Guard Your Laptop theintercept.com

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The Intercept, an online news publication dedicated to what it describes as adversarial journalism, presents Haven, an app created with the insight of Edward Snowden to protect people from evil maid attacks.

The app, which is open-source and currently in Beta, is a collaboration between Snowden (through the Freedom of the Press Foundation) and The Guardian Project. It can be obtained from the Play Store or F-Droid.

Haven, once installed on a smartphone used specifically for this, records sound, movement and video while sending notifications to another smartphone, even directly as Signal notifications, something that can do, if wanted, through the Tor network. The idea being of leaving the device with Haven installed alongside your personal computer, adding another layer of security against someone trying to access it or tempering it without your knowledge.

Read more about Haven here.


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Jbastardov wrote

Why exactly?

I understand the fear of having a device that is recording information, something all modern smartphones (and other devices inside the IoT category) do already without permission or notice of any kind.

But here you have an open-source/libre application that you can audit doing it for an specific reason, only when you activate it, and capable of sending (or not at all) notifications through a secure and encrypted network. The device itself would can be encrypted, the application downloaded outside the Play Store and if you don't want Android you could use a device that has support for other more open-source and transparent alternatives like LineageOS, Replicant or Sailfish OS.