Staying plugged in to local events without social media?

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I really would like to delete Facebook but it seems to be the preeminent place to get updates on above-board protests, organizing, training, etc. locally. Similarly, FB chats are used for organizing for some things I'm involved in (Food Not Bombs, for instance). Despite my best efforts, it's too difficult to get wholesale community change to another platform.

As much as I want to stay informed on what's going on, I don't want to use FB in any capacity, especially as I do more organizing. At the very least I don't use my legal name on FB, which helps against doxxing, but trivial for state actors.



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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Have parties/pot-lucks where the theme is switching to Diaspora or whatever. Call them "Fuck Facebook" parties, or whatever sounds appealing. A long enough run campaign of that might get lots of locals on board all at once so that they have each-other to talk to and make a transition with.


zombie_berkman wrote

This is one of my problems im not well connected ans don't use social media


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Just some thoughts to add to the mix.

Where I'm from, people use WhatsApp or Signal to organise through group chat on their phones a fair bit.

When I was a more social person I used to just be in a collective that ran an infoshop and I could just get all the info i needed there. Maybe funding or working at an infoshop would help.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm aware. Everyone where I am has whatsapp so it's basically a default; it takes a bit of work to get people generally onto Signal.


aptgetinstallanarchy wrote

We use Signal for actual organizing in affinity groups, but it seems to all start on FB in terms of public events and letting the wider community know what's going on.


zorblax wrote

tbh, it seems that facebook is a requirement to be in the activism scene. My only way of figuring out when/where people meet is via fliers.


ziq wrote

It's frustrating the blind spots some comrades have, using corporate media to communicate.