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nulloperation wrote (edited )

Jokes apart, reading thoughts is currently possible, but only connected directly with a device, similar to an EEG, at a PC and only quotient thoughts in the area of speech.

Remote neural monitoring is a red herring when talking about mass mind control, IMO, diverting attention and resistance from real issues, like psychographics as used by facebook.


Zerush wrote

Or that any supermarket practices when placing items strategically. But psychological tricks and profiling of users on Facebook, based on their personal data and their contributions, the result of tracking them on the web to see which pages they visit. It has to do with manipulation, using the data obtained, but nothing with mental control. It is simply the result that someone who watches all your steps on the web gets, in the end they know more about you than yourself.


nulloperation wrote

It has to do with manipulation, using the data obtained, but nothing with mental control.

Is that really a meaningful distinction when the mental manipulation is powerful enough to incite genocides?

'You are detained, you have the right to remain silent, since everything you THINK can be used against you'

I'd view police tracking people's social media as fairly close to that. I'm not sure we give facebook enough credit for what they manage to do in that regard.


Zerush wrote (edited )

True, mass manipulation is used since centuries. Best example are religions and it's use, but I don't know if it is the same as the theme in this threat. Manipulation with psycologic tricks and/or lies and interested misinformation in the massmedia can manipulate public opinions, but this has nothing to do with mental control or mentalreading by some radiations.

PS. Facebook is the devil but Reddit is worse. Reddit sell user data to Google (, and NEST) and worse, to TowerData, which use, among others, keylogging, to get the identity (real name, mail, house) of the users, and apart sell the data obtained to Facebook. Reddit include a ring of real spyware. Because of this, I prefer Raddle and Lemmy. Reddit only with VPN, all protections, closed webcam, latex gloves and mask

List of tracking services conected and interconected in Reddit


Nest are advertising companies from Google which use several tracking systems

Google>keylogger>Alphabet.Inc>Facebook>Linkedin>Microsoft Unknown, no acces to the web


Microsoft Audience Network>Adobe>Lotame>MediaMath>Quantcast>Verizone>Zeta Global>TowerData

Facebook Blocks analysis, but it use known tracking tecnics (pixel tracking, WebRTC, Header.....), apart from the data it recieved from the "Partners".

Google analytics

From thereare to others which nobody knows. That is, half of all companies in the web knows you, when you enter in Reddit.