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moonlune wrote

Eventually, we plan on creating a new legal organization designed around the community to ensure our long-term sustainability.

this usually doesn't end well


zoom_zip OP wrote (edited )

if pt is community run anyway, why don’t they just make it an open source git page or something? why is it bought and controlled by individuals and companies

edit: ps i know the page source is on github, but i mean removing the top structure of the “ownership”


inthedustofthisplanet wrote

Their whole community is one giant drama pit. It would be great to just get the source and host as many mirrors of it as possible.


zoom_zip OP wrote

but i wouldn’t even mirror it. the website is bloated. a much simpler list style website that is simple, minimalist, and kept up to date would be nicer


inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )

Yeah, just some basic HTML and CSS would be a great idea. I have a spare VPS I'm not using (but paid for a year in advance) and might consider this as a future project.

edit: Actually this is a great project idea. Just need to get a domain and then load up Ghost as the CMS.


zoom_zip OP wrote

depending on what you want to do you could skip ghost and literally just make a html/css static page on git pages and then once it’s up you just approve changes and set trusted users to approve changes or whatever


inthedustofthisplanet wrote (edited )

That is very true! I'll look into this later tonight after work and update you when I come up with something. :)

I use Typora as my markdown editor so a lot of the site can literally just be copy-pasted if I want and it will automatically detect style selections.


Moroccan wrote

A bad and sad news waiting for the team’s next step.