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nulloperation wrote

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Put LineageOS or PostmarketOS on it.


throwaway wrote (edited )

Make sure not to install google apps when using LineageOS.

...and if you prefer a smartphone being smart, don't install PostmarketOS just yet.


disabled_larper wrote

Lineage and Postmarket seem to be pretty terrible. They might be good for tinkering and customization, but not for security.

I’d only recommend GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, or iOS.


[deleted] wrote


disabled_larper wrote (edited )

De-googling Android is a challenge that's why projects like Librem 5 and Pinephone are important.

Linux phones are… not great to say the least. But afaik GrapheneOS is completely de-gooogled and looks like a far better alternative in terms of privacy and also usability. Just about every other ROM I’ve found (except maybe Calyx) has issues with security as well.