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zoom_zip wrote

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you have to trust the phone at an operating system level. if you can’t do that, then it doesn’t matter what privacy tools you install.


nulloperation wrote

Put LineageOS or PostmarketOS on it.


throwaway wrote (edited )

Make sure not to install google apps when using LineageOS.

...and if you prefer a smartphone being smart, don't install PostmarketOS just yet.


disabled_larper wrote

Lineage and Postmarket seem to be pretty terrible. They might be good for tinkering and customization, but not for security.

I’d only recommend GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, or iOS.


[deleted] wrote


disabled_larper wrote (edited )

De-googling Android is a challenge that's why projects like Librem 5 and Pinephone are important.

Linux phones are… not great to say the least. But afaik GrapheneOS is completely de-gooogled and looks like a far better alternative in terms of privacy and also usability. Just about every other ROM I’ve found (except maybe Calyx) has issues with security as well.