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nulloperation wrote

It depends on the software running on your phone. If your device has voice activation with Siri or Cortana or Google Voice Access, then it is by definition listening to you in order to respond to keywords. It would not be able to respond to something it wasn't listening to, obviously.

Now, you could disable those voice services, but you'd have to take the word of Google or Apple or Microsoft that it is really off, because much of the source code is proprietary and hence secret.

Same, if you install a Facebook spyware app and grant it permission to access your microphone, then you'd have to trust Facebook that they really do not listen to you once your call is done. We pinky swear that we're not listening to your microphone even though 99% of our income is from surveillance ad-tech!

To improve the situation, run a free / libre OS on your smartphone and use a free / libre app store. However, the phone modem will most likely still run non-free software, so it's not yet a perfect solution.


moonlune wrote

The voice activation app is meant to only processes sound locally and only listen for their specific hook phrases ("hey google"), discarding everything before that. Only the sample after the hook phrase is sent to the server to be processed by the AI.

Or at least that's what marketing says.