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i can’t remember which thread it was in, but someone was advocating using an rss reader. i figured this is essentially what i am using reddit for, so i wouldn’t mind switching.

  1. which rss reader/service do you use if you use one?

i tried looking into it but it didn’t look like there were many foss options outside of linux and most of the ones i looked at had some kind of paywall.



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videl wrote (edited )

QuiteRSS. I think calibre has an rss feature too. Also, RSS-bridge is helpful


syster wrote (edited )

There are 3 android apps that you can use as your rss feed reader that you might like to give a try. They are available in fdroid.


  • simple rss feed reader.
  • allows categorize of feeds and viewing a category as if they are one feed
  • can't bookmark


  • it's a great app to subscribe to your favorite podcasts (and listen offline), but can also be in use for subscribing to any webpage via rss
  • you can't categorize (afaik)
  • you can bookmark


  • it's p2p communication app with high focus on privacy. It can be used to subscribe to any wepage via rss
  • you can't categorize
  • you can reblog, but can't bookmark (copy+paste into a private group would be a work around)
  • storage is encrypted by default
  • text only
  • forces all traffic through Tor (let's you choose bridges to enter the Tor network if required)
  • you can share all of your feeds by connecting to another Briar user (connecting to another Briar user requires both of you to exchange your public link or to connect over Bluetooth + QR code and accept each of you the request. So it's nothing that can be done accidentially.
  • has a security audit

If you're looking to synchronize between multiple devices, you might take a look into: newsblur, TinyTinyRSS or Nextcloud RSS. Unfortunate they all require a server. There is also "spaRSS DecSync", which is said to "Sync RSS without a server using DecSync" (I never used it). Another option could be using (p2p data synchronizing tool) to synchronize specific data across devices.


temtemy wrote

I use Interlink which is an email and Usenet client with an RSS/Atom reader. Typically an RSS feed looks like this, but in Interlink (and probably Thunderbird as well), they look like mail, which is a style I like.