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cyborg_ wrote

If I were trying to avoid government intelligence agencies, I wouldn't be online at all. I'd do that kind of business offline.


Glenn_carbon wrote

I wish I could give you an answer but there really isn't any simple way of doing it (that I know of).


syster wrote

That depends very much what you're doing during that time.

If you're just planing to read on raddle for the next hours, you'll be probably anonymous by login into a public wifi, as long as you don't use a device that is sending information that could be used to identify you. The first part is easy to archive. The second also, and by different methods.

  1. Hardware:
  • get a hardware that is not linked in any way to you
  • get rid of it afterwards
  1. software: There you have plenty of options to choose from. The easiest might be using Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System). It does several things for you, so you don't have to worry about them yourself. To learn more about Tails, and it's limitation take a look here:

For Tails, there is also /f/tails. Feel free to ask there if you have a Tails specific question

Always a good idea: Getting a USB WiFi adapter that can run via free-software and disconnect (or build/use hard switches) the internal one. WiFi devices broadcast identification information, such as their MAC address. Tails uses MAC Address Randomization, and probably protects you in most cases. But then there is also this:

A Study of MAC Address Randomization in Mobile Devices and When it Fails

Know Thy Quality: Assessment of Device Detection by WiFi Signals

Defeating MAC Address Randomization Through Timing Attacks

Why MAC Address Randomization is not Enough: An Analysis of Wi-Fi Network Discovery Mechanisms