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zoom_zip wrote

i used namecheap because they gave free whois protection, but you still have to fill in all the icann details and i don’t know if they do anything with your data. are there any registrars that let you pay cash to break the data trail?


ziq wrote

depends what you need the domain for, I use a free speech registrar for obvious reasons, will pm you


existential1 OP wrote (edited )

Thanks! I'm using for a propaganda effort regarding growing trees from seed.


whipskid wrote

You could consider getting a NFT blockchain domain


masque wrote (edited )

It looks like this requires some sort of gateway to actually, like, work as a domain name that can be resolved in a normal browser? And operating that gateway would still require you to register a normal domain name? It's not immediately clear to me how this works from the documentation.

Also, ridiculous environmental costs for blockchain, etc.


masque wrote

I picked namecheap semi-arbitrarily, but they've been perfectly fine for me so far.

I have a .ca domain, so my WHOIS information is hidden due to Canadian privacy law, but this is probably not a good choice for anarchist stuff, for obvious reasons. (Also only available if you're a Canadian citizen or resident).


capitan wrote

EasyDNS seems like a nice shop. They are mainly DNS hosting though. Domain registration is a side business for them, and they will only register a handful of TLDs.