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I am new to this. BTW this raddle account was created on TOR and I only manage it inside my TOR. Is there anyone with a list of OPSEC rules we should follow ? So I can check and improve on it.




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lastfutures wrote

Did you look at the Privacy FAQ in the sidebar?


blubl00d wrote

I’m assuming you mean just to stay anonymous on Raddle and not OPSEC in general, so here are the basics.

  • Set Tor security level to Safest.
  • Don’t log in to anything else while signed in to Raddle on the Tor Browser, create a new identity when you want to use another service. (CTRL+Shift+U)
  • Follow the Tor Project’s advice, don’t install additional add-ons on the Tor Browser.
  • Don’t give out any details about your life, who you associate with, things that might identify you, or where you may be located… this includes using an obscure username, so I hope your username is not your actual name. If it is, delete this account and create a new one when registrations are opened again.

There’s some additional info in the Privacy FAQ which might be helpful, though in my opinion it’s a little outdated and doesn’t have the best recommendations for some of the services/programs it mentions. If you want my recommendation for something just ask, but don’t blindly trust random people on the internet including me, do your own research before pulling the trigger.