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Monolois OP wrote

Hmmm, could you elaborate? Seems like an alright article to me.


celebratedrecluse wrote

It entirely takes the descriptions of the apps at face value, does not actualy analyze bugs or problems with the code, and then ranks them by saying "yeah most all of them are secure, except for facebook messenger which you just need to tweak some settings on and you're good"

Beyond government surveillance, the corporate platforms like facebook etc are absolutely not private or secure applications, they are black boxes of proprietary code packaged for mass automated tracking. That's why they're given to people for free by a for-profit US company.

That's why I say this is a strange article. It adds nothing of substance, and is just meant to make people feel "safe" with communicating on smartphones which are compromised in just about every way imaginable. The article does this via the branding of these various petit bourgeois apps, a perfect example of neoliberalism.

Just my two cents.