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Stigmata wrote

There are services out there where you can get a burner number, but they almost all giving out numbers that are blacklisted from most signup systems or are just already used.

Your best bet is to get a burner SIM and phone, it’s cheap, and will work on any signup like a normal phone.

You can try services like Twilio but their numbers will only work on really poorly designed systems.


AnarchoSpook OP wrote

Thanks for the advice, didn't know that most of these numbers were blacklisted


skypps123 wrote

There are a lot of services that provide second phone numbers such as Google Voice, Burner, Dingtone and CoverMe.


crime wrote

For anything low-level, as in receiving a verification code for signing up for a service or something similarly low-stakes, I rely on (that's the URL)

You can get a free number for 30 days for use through a xmpp/Jabber client. You can send and receive sms and calls. If you want to retain the number long-term, it's a couple bucks a month. I haven't had issues with the numbers they provide being blacklisted, and it works great for a temp number to get verification codes or for text exchanges between people that you're not trying to give a permanent/real number.

The process for setting it up is a little convoluted, but they explain it pretty simply on their site. You need to set up an xmpp client, but that's about it.

If you want or need a long-term number, a separate burner sim/phone may be better.