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crime wrote

For anything low-level, as in receiving a verification code for signing up for a service or something similarly low-stakes, I rely on (that's the URL)

You can get a free number for 30 days for use through a xmpp/Jabber client. You can send and receive sms and calls. If you want to retain the number long-term, it's a couple bucks a month. I haven't had issues with the numbers they provide being blacklisted, and it works great for a temp number to get verification codes or for text exchanges between people that you're not trying to give a permanent/real number.

The process for setting it up is a little convoluted, but they explain it pretty simply on their site. You need to set up an xmpp client, but that's about it.

If you want or need a long-term number, a separate burner sim/phone may be better.