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stoned_chief wrote

Why do you think the US Military bankrolls this project?

Because they need to use Tor themselves. These technologies aren't made to just benefit the people, they also benefit the government agencies/organizations who fund them. Tor wouldn't work if it was only used by military/intelligence. They needed to open it up to the public.

Is Tor perfect? Fuck no.

Is Signal perfect? No, it actually kind of sucks.

Does that mean they are completely backdoored and purely made for surveillance? No... Well, at least Tor isn't. Signal can be sort of sketchy because of how centralized it is, but they also allow you to verify your contact's keys as well so worst-case scenario you just have to verify that they are providing the correct crypto keys.

We 100% need to rebuild technology from the ground up. Networks/the internet, hardware, firmware, software, it's all backdoored. But that doesn't mean we should completely disregard these band-aid solutions for the time being. Instead of attacking these projects, I think our time would be MUCH better spent on getting the word out about how everything is backdoored and why we need to rebuild everything from scratch, because until then, we will never defeat state/corporate surveillance, we can only fight a constant battle of trying to minimize it.