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celebratedrecluse OP wrote

Reply to comment by kore in Signal, Tor, and the USA by celebratedrecluse

oh, a great step! most do not take. but i am not surprised, the average technical competence of people on Raddle is much higher than the norm.

However, does everyone you communicate not have it on their phone? Otherwise, any communications involving those parties who do, is going to be compromised, because the screen can be read directly and keystrokes are logged. The data collection capacity is basically infinite.

And moreover, what of the cellular baseband? There are backdoors in the firmware of every GSM modem, which is proprietary and tightly guarded information (especially for newer cell networks, certainly including but not limited to the 5G capable products that will be rolling out). what's worse, most modems are either known to not be well isolated from the rest of the device, or are unknown whether they are well isolated from the rest of the device.

Like with all common CPUs and GPUs, cellular modems are not free or safe from determined state-level actors.