Tor guard node is fixed?

Submitted by cenopusi in Privacy (edited )

Recently, the Tor guard node would not change when changing identities or restarting Tor. I wanted to change it while surfing reddit, but I noticed that a particular US guard node is always used across sites, sessions, days ... and regardless of switching IDs. It used to be that just changing circuits might swap out the guard node, but it feels hard-locked now. What's up with that?



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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Although a certain amount of guard node consistency is an unfortunate byproduct of how the network and software work, in order to maximize reliability and thus the strength/popularity of the still shouldn't be too persistent either.

use a new machine or OS, on a different internet connection, with a VPN server not tied directly to you.

Then, download tor browser and verify with checksum + their gpg key. Or better yet, install TAILS onto a USB stick.

Then, observe in Tor Browser, whether the issue persists between shutting the browser on and off, and if it persists then, if it persists again between reboot of the OS.

If it doesn't stay persistent then, you're probably good. If not...maybe you are still insecure.