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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited ) (this is hypothetical, but if USA intelligence provides code with unknown backdoors they have developed, even open sourcing the code would not necessarily expose the vulnerabilities as the tools to break into devices may be uniquely developed by the NS agency. This was also right around the Snowden leaks time)

Google Play Services alone basically fucks up any possible security on the vast majority of Android devices. Don't use android.

As far as old versions, phones are locked to certain versions of android in order to motivate people to buy the new ones. There are old phones out there still running android 4 and 5, although most are between 6 and 9. This means a substantial portion of android phones do not have any mac randomization, for instance. As far as security maintenance, that stops after 2-3 years tops, and is dependent on both Google and the manufacturer collaborating to maintain the devices. Therefore only Pixel phones of recent purchase are "secure", which entails of course handing over even more of your digital information and private life to a single USA company (Google),news-24846.html


kore wrote

thank you very much, i will check these out!